If you’re a Muswell Hill local, what more can we tell you about Jenny’s Restaurant? Those in the area know Jenny’s as a local neighbourhood eatery with an American diner feel that’s always been on the block of Muswell Hill Broadway nearest the roundabout and the corner of Queens Avenue.Those in north London not familiar with Jenny’s should know that this comprehensive cafe and restaurant opens up very early in the morning seven days a week with a brilliant all-day breakfast menu making the first grab for diners’ attentions. From there until mid-evening it’s all burgers (the JJ Burger with a smoked frankfurter added to the mix is our fave), platters (the Jenny’s special grill features that ol’ frank again!), chicken, fish and vegetarian dishes that have a hearty British and European provenance. Hot savoury pies, jacket potatoes, wholemeal rolls, toasted sandwiches, fresh baguettes and desserts round out the picture.

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